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YogaNYC article!

Yoga NYC came to the Monday night class. Read what she experienced.

Fall retreat 2009

"Regular practice of yoga can help you face the turmoil of life with steadiness and stability." BKS Iyengar.

Another amazing Heathen Hill experience!!
Our community of yoga grows as new students came to Franklin, NY Oct 16-18, 2009.
We enjoyed the yoga, food and fall environs.

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relaxing in Vipariti

The Yoga house
Nothing like a hot tub after a long day of yoga.
The Plum House.


"It was an AWESOME time for me.  The Yoga classes.. were just perfect for me.  I felt challenged but also felt like I had learned a few things in my "dabbling" in Yoga over the last few years.  Meeting each of the you......was also very special and enriching. "

"I feel so much calm and filled with 
serenity from the retreat"

"I accomplished my personal/spiritual goals as well and left Heathen Hill feeling content."

"It took 20 years but some
things are worth the wait, eh!? I accomplished my goals for that weekend...
getting away from all things familiar, yoga in ASL, experienced teacher, inner peace, better-posture awareness, delicious home cooking, and a gorgeous natural environment!"

Steve, Miriam and Robert on Heathen Hill Yoga Retreat in ASL (english translation below)

Translations of Video

Robert Williams

Jennifer told me about the Deaf Yoga Retreat at Heathen Hill in upstate New York.  I had never been to Heathen Hill, but was excited by the fact that the retreat was for deaf people. And as it turned out some of my friends were going!  I felt this retreat would be an opportunity to have a shared yoga and spiritual experience.  I decided to attend and when I arrived I found a beautiful place. Lippy,   who established Heathen Hill welcomed me and the other deaf people with open arms.  Here we had the opportunity to learn from each other. This experience helped me expand my views and discover what yoga means to me.  I also shared my experiences of meditation with the other participants and hope that I was able to open their minds not only to yoga, but meditation as well.  I really enjoyed being here. It provided a peaceful escape from my busy and stressful life in NYC.  I will definitely come back.

Miriam Morrow

I came to the yoga retreat for a variety of reasons, some of which I did not know until I arrived, which was a nice surprise for me.  One great thing about the retreat was how the deaf and hearing participants that can sign, came together, bonded and formed connections.  For me personally this retreat gave me an opportunity to escape from my hectic life and was a chance to be free.  It was an opportunity for me to discover who I am, and the mind-body connection, and become attuned to my body’s needs.  When I return home, I will feel healthier, my mind will be clearer, and I will be able to approach things with a new perspective.  There are many reasons for coming to the retreat.  It was a wonderful place for deaf and hearing people who sign to come together.   

Steve Pipia

A retreat is an opportunity to escape from the craziness of work and life for a weekend.  The retreat was for a full weekend.  It was wonderful. Deaf people came together to learn about yoga.  Yoga is about having a peaceful mind, developing a mind-body connection, relaxing and exercise.  Yoga is not just exercise.  You learn how to be flexible and how the muscles and bones work together.  The group had a wonderful shared experience.  Having a class specifically for deaf people was great.  We focused on our body, becoming more flexible, and how to stretch and breath.  I live on Long Island and have wanted to take yoga classes for a while, but there no classes that are interpreted or have teachers that can sign.  I tried taking regular yoga classes but they were not accessible to me, which was very disappointing. Communication was always limited and I struggled to learn the correct poses.  Then I found out about Yoga ASL and I seized the opportunity.  Here we had an experienced teacher who can sign! It was wonderful. Jennifer was able to teach us and we had complete access to the information, in turn we were able to learn.  The room was peaceful and serene.  Before the retreat my body was tight and tense, but now I feel much better. I feel alive!  I am in a better place mentally.  I slept well and woke up feeling like I can face the day.  I encourage other deaf people to take yoga. Thanks Jennifer.



A YOGA retreat in American Sign Language
Heathen Hill in the Catskills
 Franklin, NY
May 29-31 
2 days and 2 nights

Learn Yoga
Eat Good Food

Is Yoga for Me? (video below)

Yoga means union. The practice of yoga brings balance to the mind and body. We begin with standing poses learning stability and awakening the intelligence of the body.

This class is designed for Deaf students.

Visual learning is a key principle of the teaching method. Actions of the poses are demonstrated so that students see before they do. To understand the action of the pose, skills are systematically taught within the sequence of class as well as from class to class.

Some benefits of yoga include

*stability and flexibility
*improved concentration
*cultivation of a serene mind
*strength and courage.
*improved knowledge of self

The Iyengar Method

Iyengar Yoga is a complete approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation, bringing physical health and vitality, mental clarity, wisdom, and emotional serenity. (Iyengar Association of United States)


What you will experience in an Iyengar Yoga class:

An emphasis on  body alignment  to build strength, endurance, balance and flexibility as well as concentration and focus.

Demonstration of postures and actions.

Through asana practice you gain better health and and better understanding of yourself. 

Use of props such as blankets, blocks, straps and chairs to increase learning and adapt postures to individual needs.

Individual correction and adjustment of students.